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LATEST NEWS:  Jefferson City’s 7th Annual Hometown Christmas has a new format and includes a Holiday Market and a 5:30 PM Light the Night parade.

Mossy Creek Foundation awarded $100,000 facade grant to improve downtown properties


Mossy Creek Foundation is committed to these core values:


There was a time when downtown Jefferson City was a busy gathering place for business, entertainment, and social connection. The remaining structures and the memories of those now gone hold life stories, the history of families, commerce, education, and culture. This rich history shapes who we are and must be preserved.  


The desire to restore the Historic Mossy Creek District is about more than forgotten buildings. It is about old memories but also about making new ones. Together, we can reimagine and revitalize our once-vibrant historic downtown. We can see neglected spaces transformed into hubs of community where friends gather, families play, and neighbors meet neighbors.

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What will we leave behind for the next generation of Jefferson City citizens? Will the history and culture of Mossy Creek be alive? Will there once again be life in downtown? Mossy Creek Foundation believes in the possibility of change—and the reward of investment. We believe that the future can be as bright as the past.   

It's a new day in old Mossy Creek, and your encouragement, creativity, and commitment will make a difference!