From Virginia to Tennessee

Mossy Creek was founded in 1788 when Adam and Elizabeth Sharkey Peck floated down the Holston River with their seven children from Virginia to Tennessee and built their home along the banks of a very mossy creek. The Peck family had an immediate impact on the area and in building the community. Adam’s mill became the closest for nearby settlers—who previously had to make trips to Greeneville—and he became a member of the Tennessee Assembly and a Justice of the Peace. Meanwhile, Elizabeth worked to establish a Methodist church, another first for the area, and a sense of place; the church was simple, rustic, and provided a space for the small congregation to attend services.

By building a home, a mill, and a church, Adam and Elizabeth Peck laid a foundation for community growth and opportunity—a foundation that would serve as a catalyst for growth in the years to follow.

Mossy Creek Foundation